The moon caught my eye this evening as I was looking out of my window at the first clear night I have seen (or perhaps just recognised) in ages.

There is definitely something very haunting about it, the way it appears to ‘hover’ and it’s ghostly glow. For some people it is something that evokes memories and feelings, a reminiscent or romantic quality. It has a mythical nature, some people believe there is a wider significance in it’s movements and particularly it’s full state which of course stories of wolves have revolved around for centuries. It is also of course a fascinating natural wonder, reminding us of our place within a wider universe we find hard to accept because we cannot see it for ourselves. It brings to mind the cycles of life as it waves and wanes, counting out our months. There is also that mysterious control it seems to have, the movement of the sea, the rare but dramatic eclipses that take away our light.

There is certainly something about it that has inspired and intrigued poets for many generations, and tonight I wrote my first. It contemplates the journey the moon makes in it’s orbit and how this relates to our very different journeys through life under it’s watchful gaze. The moon is of course controlled in it’s movements by gravity, consequently trusting in knowing where it is going. Sometimes it scares me that I have no course and no-one to trust or depend on in deciding  where to go. The moon has this security even though it moves extremely fast and far, in the dark. We travel in the dark in the sense that we don’t know where we are going but we have the fortune of deciding where we go so our paths, unlike the moon’s, can cross with others if we choose that they do so. The moon in my poem is a muse from which I contemplate my journey through life.

Some moon poems that have inspired me include:

To The Moon – Shelley

The Half Moon Shows a Face of Plaintive Sweetness – Christina Rossetti

A Night Thought – Wordsworth (Among many, many others!)

The Moon and the Yew Tree – Sylvia Plath

Sad Steps – Philip Larkin

May you see the moon wherever you are tonight and feel inspired!


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