A full month has passed since my good intentions took on form and shape, but the question “where am I going with this?” Is still looming!

If you have something to say, you can write, so I believe but then that is the crucial issue. What do I have to say? What are my belief systems? How do I feel about myself? About my life, and what is in it? In a much broader spectrum, about the world itself? The answer to these questions is something I have found can change from one minute to the next! This was my starting point; the transience, mutability and futility of life.

I have actually found myself able to communicate some of these ideas of mine. I have so far managed to construct a short story, although it remains unfinished thanks to computer trouble; the grievance of many 21st century writers. I think in future I’ll return to the good ol’ fashioned pen and paper! But coming back to the story, it embodies a lot of my frustrations with the current generation. Nobody, me included, knows what to expect from their lives any more which I believe is linked to the fluctuating of our society, the lack of stability in any area of our lives. The breakdown of the traditional family unit, of religion, of our environment, of the financial structures and so on. My characters find themselves facing a breakdown in their relationship; a relationship built on ideals that they find cannot be realised in one another or in themselves. Stuck in the flat they once bought together full of youthful optimism they find themselves gradually slump as they lose faith in the society around them, and their own place within it to the point where they fear to interact with one another; they fluctuate between the extremes of long silences and passionate fights. The trouble with such a basis I have found however is finding a resolution. The premise of such a situation is that there isn’t one! So I come back to my original questions, still unanswered. Where is this going? What am I trying to say? I have this image in my head of the two of them just looking at each other. Really looking at each other, deeply and intensely and finding they have no answers to their problems because there are none. I think deep down their optimistic love has changed as they have into a need to cling to each other. They realise, as they look to their futures that facing it together surpasses being alone. I can see the look in my minds eye, depicting it in writing will be a challenge if and when I come to it.

To be continued!


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