Heading home after dress rehearsal, I have much less to say.

Because I am tired. My feel hurt. My head hurts. But yet… I feel emotionally charged. Wired, geared up. Buzzing, but yet falling over my own feet.

Not the best recipe to get some sleep when I finally get in, given it will be after midnight by the time I get home… Not ideal, to say the least. But it is late train journeys like this one that give me the perfect opportunity to collect my thoughts, and be glad of half an hour to myself (there is not one person in this train carriage!)

One thing I will share that I learned tonight, is just the extent to which Queenie loves hats… here are a couple of my favourites (there are 5 in total!)

Queenie's Hat Collection, Part 1
Queenie’s Hat Collection, Part 1
Queenie's Hat Collection, Part 2
Queenie’s Hat Collection, Part 2


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