So although last night was technically a 2nd dress rehearsal (after the calamity of last night the director felt we needed another one) I refuse to call it one, because you know what they say about a bad dress rehearsal… And ours was a pretty damn good one!

In case you didn’t know what they say, the myth is that a bad dress rehearsal = a good first night. The theory being that if you make all the mistakes the night before you couldn’t possibly make them again, I suppose! Well we got all of ours of it of the way the first time round. Last night was therefore officially the ‘First Preview’, watched by a rapt audience of  (I’m still not sure of his identity, but the old man nodding off at the back was definitely there!)

Last minute notes, a few fluffed lines but all in all everyone was in good spirits.

My only note from the director for tonight was to “hold the embrace longer”, between myself and my young love interest. I don’t  think it’s on my part that it’s a little brief, It’s more likely my young love interest’s wife she may want to talk to – who also happens to be her daughter in law…

We left the set all in place tonight, all poised and ready to go! We are ready to fill the theatre with an audience, I just hope the audience are ready for us…

Curtain up tomorrow.

Director's Notes at 'The First Night Preview'
Director’s Notes at ‘The First Night Preview’


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