She was a monster. He chopped off her head.

This is how Medusa will be remembered by most. But was she really a monster, or a rape victim? An anarchist or a feminist? A woman expressing her sexual desire? Or someone with a strong bond with nature and a rage against injustice?


Medusa is the inaugural production of 27 Degrees, the latitude at the crossroads between Lima, Brussels and Zagrab, the cities from which the company’s three founding members (Chusi Amoros, Marie Klimis, Dajana Fifield) are from.

Not only are they a multinational collective of artists, but a multidisciplinary collective too, weaving shadow puppetry with dance, circus with projections; engaging their audiences with unique ‘wow’ moments whilst also inviting them, open armed, into the heart of the story.

Medusa is a show about identity, but with no conclusive or prescriptive narrative, each audience member is allowed to decide for themselves just who Medusa was and how they feel about her grisly, inevitable demise.

Their premiere at the Crypt Gallery, London will be followed by dates at the Thames Tunnel, part of the Brunel Museum, where the show will form part of London’s annual Totally Thames Festival which runs throughout September. Not to be missed!


27, 28 & 29 September 2017: The Thames Tunnel of the Brunel Museum, London.

Tickets are available from Design My Night:


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All photography: © Christina Bulford Photography,  © 27 Degrees



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