Shez is sixteen. From a happy childhood, she hit her teens and found her life started to unravel. As she grapples with her relationship with her Mum, her Dad, and her prickly-faced boyfriend, how can she forge an identity of her own? The answer she comes to means she can no longer enjoy her favourite strawberry Starburst in the same way.

Strawberry Starburst tells a story you may think you already know. A teenage girl growing up; girl encounters family problems, girl encounters relationship problems, girl battles demons… But every generation faces the challenges of adolescence in new guises which is why well observed ‘coming of age’ stories are always fresh and always relevant, even if we feel like we’ve seen the characters or encountered the obstacles before. For today’s teenagers, the Instagram generation, the line between health and the dangers of eating disorders has never looked so thin. And this is where Shez comes unstuck…

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strawberry starburst



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