Basecamp takes Fever Dream Theatre’s penchant for tourable site specific theatre to new heights.

Following their sell-out 2016 Edinburgh hit Wrecked (which also returns this year) set in a crashed car, Fever Dream have set up camp in Edinburgh with Base Camp, the story of two rival climbers told in tents.

Small audiences of sixteen, eight per tent, join the two climbers as they prepare for their latest challenge. As their ‘sponsors’ for the main event, we enjoy access to their final preparations, but also their darkest secrets…

For a break from the ordinary Fringe venues, it is a real treat. There’s nothing like kicking back in a tent with a blanket and a custard cream to feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of the Fringe. Passing the tin round the group, it is even more pleasant to share a smile and a biscuit with fellow Fringe goers, any fans of immersive theatre will know the feeling. It would also have been nice to share a story or two. Despite being in an intimate space this is definitely a show where we are being performed to more than being performed with.

any fans of immersive theatre will know the feeling

If you enjoy climbing, the stories and anecdotes of peaks ascended may be of real interest, if not, the developing feud is bitter enough to pique interest. If you’ve ever had a sibling rivalry, it could be likened, but with life-or-death cliff faces thrown in the mix. There is also a sinister undercurrent of the effects competition early in life can have on your feelings towards others. Largely, unless they are your rivals, you lose interest in them. Are sports people all this way? Has the press made them this way? Their parents? For any sports person, or anyone interested in sport, it’s a genuinely engaging and important conversation to be had. Anyone who climbs or knows a climber will know about the death-defying experience stories, so be prepared for those, too.

a genuinely engaging and important conversation to be had

Only seeing one side of the performance, it is hard to comment on both performers as a whole! From my side of the camp, they were both engaging as polished sports-people, but it is watching their more vulnerable side peel away that is the most captivating part of their combined performances.

A well observed and intimate piece of theatre, in-tents.

C South  (Venue 58) – 13:45, 15:00, 16:15 daily


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