We all have dreams, don’t we? But Eve never has, beyond a vague sort-of sense of being a mother, and evenings on the sofa with Steve Bull, the cat. Never that is, until fate sticks her in the middle of the action and she lands a “Team Leader” job in London, where rather than ‘chase’ her dreams she decides to stalk them across London… she WILL find Michael Fassbender, and she WILL return him his post.

Finding Fassbender is a sweet, funny, one-woman story about dreams – and the absurdity of them. It is about standing apart from the role life has dealt you, flying in the face of what seems to make sense. That is, until you sit down and make your own sense of it.

flying in the face of what seems to make sense

London, and cities in general, have been the butt of many a joke this Fringe and for good reason. It is ridiculous to spend £6 on a scotch egg, it is maddening to live with invisible flatmates, it is infuriating to live within touching distance of your dreams, only to be thwarted again and again by funds, by circumstance, by the strange lady who lives downstairs (well maybe not that last one, except in exceptional circumstances).

an uplifting breath of fresh air

Fassbender is an uplifting breath of fresh air this fringe that encourages you to take a chance, without a big chorus, just a little voice from Wolverhampton. Get on that train, pick up that guitar, and find your Fassbender – or don’t, that’s ok too – but take a chance on him, at least!


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