What do elderly cats and elderly mothers have in common? They piss wherever and whenever they please, are unexpectedly strong, can be vicious without provocation and they both showed up uninvited at Ciara’s London flat last night.

Mothers, who’d have ‘em? And what do you do when you suddenly find yourself solely responsible for the someone who once cared for you? When Sinead runs out of options, and sanity, over in Country Clare she brings the problem to her sister Ciara’s door. As their mother deteriorates into the later stages of Alzheimer’s and their options run out (“Irish people don’t save, Ciara!”) they must face up to the responsibility of carrying out her dying wish together… but it won’t be pretty.

Erica Murray’s dark Irish comedy starts with a nightmare situation, and yet there is wicked humour to the core. It’s all the things you wouldn’t dare to say out loud. It’s the kind of comedy where if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry.

It’s all the things you wouldn’t dare to say out loud, and more.

Ciara and Sinead are utterly hilarious as the Irish sisters, who tease each other mercilessly (Sinead is the kind of sister who lets Ciara believe she has cat aids) and fight like cat and cat, all teeth and claws but with slightly reluctant cuddles afterwards.

Kate Kennedy steals scene after scene, playing everybody else in her pitch-perfect character comedy style. From her jobsworth Pret employee (“You’re over the limit… the caffeine limit”) to her not-so-sanguine spiritual healer (“Did I mention most people, tip?”) with just a pose or a costume, she has the audience laughing before the lights have even come up!

laughing before the lights have even come up!

See Murray’s play, even bring your Mum! But maybe leave your cat at home.


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