The world, and the fringe, has been crying out for a superhero like Hunch. A superhero destined to set you on the path to greatness, to the greatest decision you have made all day. You see, Hunch has a super gut. A super gut feeling, that is, freeing the town of Hum from indecision, forever.

It’s a highly original concept, and as Hunch is summoned to make nearly 200 decisions a day, we see her solve problems from the eternal jumper-on, jumper-off conundrum (Although in Edinburgh this fringe as a general rule, best keep it on and with a mac over it too!) to ‘higher-tier’ life or death scenarios; explosions, fires and the like. But as the mounting pressure piles up, she starts to doubt and there’s one rule in this superhero Universe, you can’t use your powers to your help yourself.

Kate Kennedy is a gift to character comedy, and if there are any real heroes in the audience, they’ll laugh their masks right off. Kennedy makes other appearances at the Fringe this Summer, including as a variety of miscellaneous characters in dark Irish comedy The Cat’s Mother but this is her own show, her own characters and she carries Hunch with zeal. She brings not only Hunch to life, but every other citizen of Hum, as well as it’s heroes (watch out for Genitals! A personal favourite) with aplomb. Accents and physical comedy are Kennedy’s strong suits, but it can be easy to lose track if you don’t keep your wits about you. Kennedy moves at the rate of knots, rattling through with barely a pause to wipe her brow. Being a super hero is thirsty work! And a pause for breath every now and then wouldn’t go amiss, especially earlier in the show where world-building is so important. There are so many intricate and hilarious details, we wouldn’t want to miss them!

Kate Kennedy is a gift to character comedy

Hunch’s world on the stage is, appropriately, dominated by the media. Camera lights flash half-blindingly and you can hear the click and whirr and every scene change, as though we are watching a bizarre and whirlwind-paced documentary. It’s an alternate world we can find completely believable, just a step away from our own.

A world… just a step away from our own

The power to make decisions for us comes with a huge responsibility which threatens Hunch. There is a strong undercurrent running through the writing, that we shouldn’t burden ourselves with them so much. It’s a big and indecisive world out there, and unlike in Hum, no one to live it for us!

A wonderful bit of Fringe silliness, with some real pause for thought. Kennedy is without a doubt one to watch.


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