I still don’t have any desktop processing software so I am once again coping and pasting – apologies – the password to access photos for this show is rodolfo – I think the image selections are quite obvious as you go through!

It’s that time of year again… The fires are lit (well, the heating is on at least!), the heavy coats are out of hibernation and we all dream of (or dread) a fresh coating of snow. It is important I stress that I welcome snow, before likening its return to that of La Boheme at The Colosseum; you half expect it but are still delighted by that first flurry. As the first notes of Puccini’s quintessential winter opera quiver into the cavernous opera house, you can virtually hear the audience in their plush velvet seats sigh in blissful anticipation.

This production marks the fourth revival of director Jonathan Miller’s 2009 English National Opera La Boheme, set charmingly in 1930s Paris. It also coincides with the 40 year anniversary of Miller’s ENO directional debut. It is by no means unusual for favourite versions of this opera to be revived time and time again, the Royal Opera House called ‘final curtain’ on their 41-year-old John Copley production only a couple of years ago, and there are many qualities not only in the classic story but in this Miller production that I can anticipate enduring for years to come…
Read the full review at: Mark Aspen.


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