When it comes to boxes, would you rather be ticking them, or kicking them? What if when faced with your future, you kick it in the head?

In this punchy, episodic drama, Irish kickboxing junior-champ Naoise Murphy is faced with a Sliding Doors-esque choice when her beloved Nanny is hospitalised in a violent burglary. It is one that shatters her life into an infinite number of directions. Kicking all the Boxes takes a hard look at three of them in a series of short scenes punctuated by kicks, punches and Irish folk-punk (original music from the unique mind of Jinx Lennon). As well as examining anger issues, addiction and the challenges of forgiveness it takes a long, hard look at just what it means to grow up. When at 15 you’ve been crowned a winner for kicking, are you still kicking, or just ticking by at 30?

Naoise Murphy may be a fictional boxer, but actor-writer Liz FitzGibbon was a teenage European kickboxing champion in her own right. When she left school she left the ring and came to train as an actor in London, but the lived experience that flows through her writing is emotional, visceral and raw…

Originally published on The Play’s The Thing Uk, read more here…


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