In an hour I’ll be setting off for my first lecture of the new term (Writing for Performance) I’m really hoping it will give me the fresh inspiration, or wake up or whatever it is I need to find myself writing successfully again.

I’ve not had an inactive Summer, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked and also completed an internship in theatre/stage management at a London theatre. These experiences have been very valuable to my future but yet not very beneficial to my creative side. Perhaps it’s true that nature is the most valuable asset to creativity and living in central and greater London, flitting between different houses has unsettled me too much to be able to tap into what I need to be able to write. More likely than not it’s just I’ve got out of the habit of writing over the Summer, something I really didn’t want to happen. Writing creatively is a great relief from the formality of writing essays and also an alternative way of responding to and exploring primary materials, a way of opening them up to my mind to explore new interpretations and possibilities. I have been reading over the Summer but not nearly enough. I’ve allowed my mind to become emptied of curious thought, focusing instead on the day-to-day activities of my Summer which I deemed complicated enough to be dealing with. I have however also been battling and dealing with a lot of emotions this Summer that would have benefited from being thrashed out in poetry or song, as I did before the semester finished.

This semester I will once again be immersed in literature! I will be inspired, refreshed and ready to write once more. My book order should be here today or tomorrow and I’ve already attempted a few lyrics with some success so here goes! I feel impelled to write more and excited at the prospect.

It’s my final year. It’s time to step up. Time to push myself.


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