Over centuries we’ve explored and believed we understood the landscapes of our surroundings, yet we have destroyed them. Aspects of the natural world are fighting to survive our will to dominate them. The most recent century however has been characterised not by our will to dominate land, which is entering a time where we are beginning to attempt to reverse the process, but with exploring and understanding the mind. Will the exploration of these delicate and mutable landscapes lead similarly, to a form of destruction? Are we handing ourselves the key to our own demise as people? 

Exploring our landscape detatched ourselves from it in our understanding of it’s processes, our belief that we could control it lead to a different perception. We began to take it for granted and it suffered abuse in our neglectful care. Are we detatching oursselves from our own brains, our own emotions by believeing control is possible? Recent phychitric methods would indicate this is the case. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or ‘CBT’ is arguably a form of thought conditioning, the belief in being able to execute the power of thought over feeling and over the physical too. In a lot of people, it works. Depression can be combated along with self-esteem issues, eating disorders and many other conditions by tackling “thought errors” within how we see ourselves and the world around us. I have reason to believe however that researches are finding in Western coutries like the UK and the USA the overall happiness of the population has decreased over time, not increased. As we become more self aware, more knowledgeable about ‘how we work’ we become more concerned about asking why, a desperation to understand not just how a ligament works, how a cell works, how our brains and emotions work but how life works. We still have no answer.

So if we accept that we think differently, is this new attitude a loss or a gain? Are we weakening ourselves, or strengthening ourselves? Is either option ultimately, a form of destruction, taking something away from who we are or just a positive force of change?

Just a thought…


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