Three women of apparent conviction introduce themselves on a stage bare but for a stool, lamp and a coat stand. Each has a clear role, accent, lighting state and agenda, but their surety fades with their smiles, as the days lengthen, their stories snowball and their tales cease to add up. Mega is a comedic trip into the murky world of identities; does who we think we are stand up to scrutiny? Who are we underneath the stories we tell?

The details of where and when remain murky, and so character is brought into sharper focus. Alex Milne’s debut work (as writer and director) is reminiscent in subject-matter of Jean-Paul Sartre existentialist, absurdist No Exit (“Hell is other people”) but with more sharply drawn, and only female characters; it’s like an absurdist Breakfast Club. Instead of the Princess, the Weirdo, the Jock and the Geek we have the Royal, the Witch and the Popstar, and they all have to rub along, to comedic effect…

Read the full review at Theatre Weekly, here.


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