Othello Remixed at Omnibus Theatre – Othello’s transformation from respected to disgraced boxing champ packs not just a physical but an emotional punch in the latest Shakespeare ‘remix’ from the exceptional young people of the Intermission Theatre Company.

Think for a moment, back to your school days. Specifically, GCSE English lessons. Shakespeare. We all had to do it. If you were fortunate enough to have had an enthusiastic teacher, you might remember being encouraged to get on your feet. This for me was where Shakespeare felt alive, when you’re up on your feet and physically engaged in the action.

Cue Intermission Youth Theatre, who since 2008 have seen more than one hundred 16-25 year olds from different nationalities, faiths and London boroughs take part in their 10-month Youth Theatre programme. Their theatre company, made up of programme graduates who have since gone onto professional work, have broken Othello down to its core components, mixed in modern language and staged it in a boxing gym. They are on their feet alright, they are on their toes weaving and dodging in a tense and explosively physical production where violence could spark at any moment…


Read the review in full at Theatre Weekly, here


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