In the last few days, in the wake of a break-up, I’ve been doodling around the concept of the connection of body and mind. Scientists still can’t place it exactly, but the two are very closely connected. The fact that we can ‘believe’ ourselves better, tested though placebo drugs, is pretty well accepted these days and lately I’ve found my negative thought patterns have strangely combined with lethargy, insomnia and strange aches and pains. It’s quite possible, in fact probable that my poor mental health has adversely affected my physical.

A poem I wrote yesterday which I’m quite pleased with, simply named “Body and Brain” explores how my body and mind are dealing differently and quite separately with the breakdown of my relationship. The physical presence of him in my life is obviously fading but not just the presence of him in my eyes, which my mind deals with but the traces of him on and in me. My body is naturally expelling these but simultaneously my brain is becoming (hopefully temporarily) more preoccupied and engaged in him through memories; word, images and sound. Both body and mind are going through this together, communicating in their own ways in language we don’t yet fully understand. The physical and mental state combine sometimes when I feel a particularly strong emotion, whether it be a swoop of the stomach or to want to cry. 

It’s a fascinating connection they share and I’m going to enjoy exploring it in more detail through my poetry.


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