“I’d never been with a maaa… a guuu… an animated Disney Prince before… I had only found love with a Disney Princess!”


Have you ever felt like you’re just living the life you’ve been told to? Do you find yourself looking for others to tell you who you are, or what to do? One of the places that you can find that kind of authoritative comfort is at a spin class, except that this is a spin class with a difference that might just make you reconsider your direction, or orientation.

“Is he Bi in more ways than Bicycling?”

Sammy Steele has built an empire of spin classes across Australia, and we are here to take one (“What a sexy back row!”) Except, his empowering mantras for his “little champions” are not keeping his mind focussed today as we “push that resistance”. Sammy recently went home with Simba, Disney Prince of ‘The Lion King’; where does that leave his Princess, ‘Ariel’? He’s using his spin class to work that out, whether his class participants want to hear about it or not. Is he bi in more ways than bicycling?

“Sammy’s boundless energy is infectious”

Anything less than a full-on physical performance in a show about a fitness class would be disappointing, and Sammy’s boundless energy is infectious! He’s sweating before he even hits the stage. Addressed by name (“George at the front, not that knob we talked about this…”) works well with his easy, seemingly natural ability to work a crowd and there is even more scope here for us to be involved (Edinburgh audiences are crying out for it!). Though what is there, currently works well.


The quick blasts of music really get the heart pumping, and working this into the full length of the show could also be a way to take this forward, and further fuel that energy!


Pumped up fitness class platitudes can only go so far in directing your course in life, and Sammy has some profound insights to share between them when his mind wanders. His parents, friends and GP all show a lack of understanding for his confusion over his sexual orientation and he finds this very difficult. “I wanted someone else to give me the answers”, he explains. He didn’t know how to look inwards, without instruction. Sammy’s also offers insight into how it feels to find yourself in-between paths, to find that your direction doesn’t go one way or the other – but both!


Bi-Cycle takes you on a pumped-up and energetic ride, with plenty of smiles and thoughtful chat for the journey.


Tickets: http://www.underbellyedinburgh.co.uk/whats-on/bi-cycle



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