It’s strange but yet commonly acknowledged that some of our darkest days can be our most creatively productive.

I’ve had a couple of very down days this week yet from them I have drawn poetry, something I haven’t written in years. I have no idea if it’s any ‘good’ or not but frankly, who could even be the judge of that but myself? It just feels good to get my thoughts and emotions down on paper once again. It makes me feel good to be able to get something positive out of my negativity. It also helps me to organise and separate my thoughts, constructing them into more healthy, positive ones through disregarding and ridding myself of those which aren’t; very thereputic.

I have written five in total over the last three days. Two explore the finite relationship between darkness and light and our modern experience of it. How we have altered night and day with our own technologies, tampered with the natural order of things and changed our perspectives on day, night and time as a result. The two poems remain without titles, and I hope to write more on this fertile and interesting topic in the near future.

Two poems focus on relationship issues, which for the most part were the reason I was down in the first place. One, titled “Arguments” explores how words, sounds and experiences stored in our memories can build and ‘boil over’, the formation in other words, of arguments. I made the process seem quite natural and positive, only linking the storing of words and experiences to arguments in the last line. The other poem is titled “We’ve hit a wall”. This is quite a common phrase to describe the reaching of a point in a relationship where you feel like you can’t move any further, in some cases a ‘deal breaker’. I have explored however how they can be got round, the process of taking some steps backward, examining earlier elements of the relationship and gaining some perspective to see a way around the “bricks and mortar”. The original route may have to be compromised as a result, sacrifices made, but it can be done.

My fifth poem looks at the wonder of medication, but also expresses concerns for our dependency on it and how this can be exploited. It is simply titled, “pill”.


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