Painkiller Theatre’s latest project, the Bitter Pill podcast, has been created for us theatre-lovers in our time of need, as lockdown continues to keep theatre doors shut. The company’s offering of a new short play every fortnight, far from a bitter pill to swallow, is an antidote to streaming fatigue; a tasty morsel of quality writing in a bitesize format requiring just the attention of your ears and a dose of the imagination.

In A Case of Mistaken Identity Michael is joined, unwillingly, by a larger-than-life stranger on a park bench. A stranger with a  “Ruffled prominence of a forehead that wouldn’t be out of place in an American National park”, and a sinister message. This must surely be a case of wrong-place-wrong time? But Michael is quaking in his boots. This engrossing vignette is a darkly comic look at the absurdness of mistaken identity and public space; a place we remember so well!

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