Live theatre as we know it may still be on standby but at Encompass productions ‘the show must go on’ and they have made a gallant return with the 2nd edition of their Bare E-ssentials New Writing Night. Strictly speaking, this is the 16th edition but it is important to recognise that this is their 2nd edition in locked down conditions.

This 2nd edition is a return to form, a stripped back ‘bare-essentials’ writing night with no props/ set/ budget provided, but there is a noticeable improvement to Encompass’s delivery. Gone are the technical glitches and sound woes which impeded some enjoyment last month, this iteration is an all-live edition with smooth transitions, an even funnier, slicker, costume changing host (NB. same person, the charming Liam Flemming), and even an inspired sign off. “Be kind, we can’t rewind” Flemming warns us, but as far as I can tell it went without a hitch. There is a special blend of tension and glee that can only come from watching theatre live, just in case something does go off-kilter. Encompass are bold to try it, and it’s exhilarating to watch them succeed.

The opening act ‘Every Seven Minutes’ by Ken Preuss makes a strong start…

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