Tonight has inspired new words; new words on words. 

Fresh thoughts on thinking.

Chew on your words before you spit them

We won’t always be here to hear them

And we don’t have time for time to waste

On words uttered with no meaning

On words said in desperate haste.

We know we think, yet we don’t think

Of the thoughts of other thinkers

Breathers like ourselves

But distant

Even in close proximity

Our thoughts so full of deep complexity

Are ours to keep

Are ours alone

We try to press them, flesh on flesh

Into being on each other

Fingerprints, hot scorching marks

Bruises brown and green like bark

On a healthy trunk of tree.

But surface impact means so little

Flesh is strong, egos are brittle.

Chew on your words before you spit them

The body forgets but your memory keeps them.


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