Like fireworks in my head, this event tonight


has exploded in my head and sent thoughts and ideas cascading through my mind like a waterfall in anti-gravity.

Creative. Captivating. Innovative. Passionate. Profound. 

It gets into your head. It gets under your skin. It sits in your soul, and you feel yourself caught up in the swell.

Can’t believe it has taken me until tonight to discover the power of the spoken word on stage. I love performance, I love music, I love poetry. Tonight was the perfect blend, all bound together in the warmth of community, support and laughter. The perfect antidote to a cold Tuesday night, in a otherwise (so far) relatively cold and uninspiring March. I feel like I have found the tip of the iceberg, and now I am peering down below the surface to try and discover the rest, hidden below the surface. From what I have gathered, there is a lot more out there! And I am ready to believe that whole heartedly.

More on that. MUCH more, to come!


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