I’ve been up at Sadler’s Wells this week, which has got me thinking about the art of dance.

Ballet Shoes
Ballet Shoes

Q: Why do people go to see people dance? A: Because they love to dance themselves.

Idea… Immersive dance shows.

No, really!

Dance shows promote movement, how can you not be encouraged to want to dance just watching the sheer energy onstage? I know that’s where my passion started as a little girl, dancing around the house, inspired by what I saw and filled with the sheer delight of movenent. So why can’t the audience be encouraged to move, inspired by what they see? Why should we have to sit still in stuffy little rows, fighting the urge to leap up and perform a spontaneous pirouette?

Imagine, dancers not separated by the stage where they are passively observed but in amongst the audience, moving as one. Like a wave, spreading through the audience. Shifting, changing, growing in momentum and in velocity…

Dance as a feeling, not an art seen from a cold distance but a hot, breathing, living entity.

Seeing the dancer’s sharp intakes of breath, the filling of their lungs,  the rapt attention in their eyes so close to your own. The physical, visceral reality of being a trained dancer shines on their brows, Stands out on their arms and legs,  drips from their pores. And sat in the circle, or even the stalls you would miss it.

You wouldn’t be able to see every dancer, but that wouldn’t be the point. You would be seeing the performance from a dancer’s point if view, part of the action, part of the art. Your perspective would be focussed on what’s right in front of you, and yours and your fellow audience members perspectives would be unique.

It’s a sad fact that people fall asleep in warm, comfortable theatres where the high art is nothing to them but moving wallpaper. You wouldn’t be able to fall asleep on your feet.


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