Follow the Faun with Andy Black

Wait… Did that just happen?


Follow the Faun is a dream-like experience, which transports you physically and mentally from a black box studio space, to another world in mind, body and soul… where the world spins on its head and leaves you feeling disorientated, euphoric, carefree, slightly confused, sensual, sexual, sure of yourself and a little bit naughty.


It’s an immersive theatrical experience (I think), a story narrated through dance, visuals and a Faun and two Goddesses, but who am I to supply these words, these limitations? It’s an exercise class. It’s a spiritual, cultural even religious experience. It’s a rave. It’s so many different experiences, all rolled into 90 minutes of hedonistic glee! In these uncertain times, how can we fail to be drawn to the bliss of escapism? To the lure of make-believe, of being somewhere else and someone (or something…) else, in the company of strangers?


This experience has the potential to develop much further in terms of visuals, and it seems there are plans to do so. In it’s current form the role of the imagination in taking us out of the hot, dark box is vital, and it feels good to exercise it. Adding complexities to immersive theatre experiences in terms of staging and technological wizardry can actually detract from audience engagement, once the imagination is disengaged, the set just looks like a set. In the black box, the forest is as real as you dream it. There is something beautiful and simple in that.

Follow the Faun with Andy Black
Follow the Faun with Andy Black

I’m not going to go into the finer details, because to do so would spoil the surreal surprise if you ever get the chance to Follow the Faun but safe to say if he trots your way soon (there are more dates planned!) be sure to follow in his direction…


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