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‘Always a Critic’ was inaugurated in the Spring of 2017. Featuring what are in their view, some of the most interesting shows of the London theatre scene, theatre know-hows Alice and Meagan offer their criticisms and often comic observances of the theatre fare. They also discuss different issues that arise in the industry, and are always ready with some cultural context that extends well beyond their London base.

With theatre students, makers, critics, and goers in mind, they present their ideas in an accessible way, opening up the discussion so that anyone with even a passing interest in theatre and the arts can be involved!

So far their episodes have features plays from The National, The Hampstead and The Almeida Theatres.

I had the pleasure of shooting some press shots for them this week, two of which I feature below!

You can check out their latest episodes (new episode every fortnight) on itunes or  Soundcloud. 

Alice (L) and Meagan (R) of podcast 'Always a Critic'
Alice (L) and Meagan (R) of podcast ‘Always a Critic’

IMGP8442 dynamic edit2

PHOTO CREDIT: Christina Bulford


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