Your memory is just a state of mind

And every state of mind, however fixed, however vivid,

Is just as mutable as the flesh that holds it.



The skin sheds and wrinkles,

Hair breaks, falls out, goes grey.

Eyes dim to dusk.



In the same way,

Memories grow old, wither with age.

Lose their cogency, their color and light.

They dry out like the scalp,

Are washed or fall away,

Molecule by molecule

In white flakes

Like ashes,

Cooled and carried on a breeze.



What is a body? But a cycle of energy,

And energy just a pulse, a wave, a spark.

Each breath a heave of current,

Each moment, an electrical flicker.

Sometimes a dim spark,

Sometimes a wild fire.



But a pulse will slow to nothing

A wave breaks on a beach




Energy cannot be contained

By atoms, by cells, by walls or buildings

And our heads and hearts, they are no different.



Our heads are not contained,

They are a channel, a raging river

Of consciousness and conscientiousness

Of existing and living.

In perpetual motion, unbalanced

And in sporadic bursts 

That catch us, pull us under

Our gasps, our struggles,

Are as natural as breathing.



Our memories, our minds, our matter,

Will seep through bone, through flesh

And be carried on the air.



Memory is just a state of mind.

It is not yours to keep.


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