Nobody is average, so why should theatre be?

Such is the philosophy of Not Your Average Collective, a newly founded theatre company made up of Brit and Canadian duo Elisha Grace and Alex Franks. I first looked in on them back in June, to get an insight into the early stages of their devising process. Their goal? To represent the unrepresented, to tell the untold, to challenge popular culture with the not so average.

A lot has changed and progressed since then, the show, now called ‘Cheaters and Cheatees: The Time Travelling Game’, is nearly ready to go. I caught up with them in the final stages of their rehearsal process, days from their first public preview performance… Nerves and excitement were running high, but so was the energy in the room. There’s nothing like that feeling before you finally reveal the show you have nurtured, from the embryonic stage, to the public stage. I hope I captured some of that feeling in these shots.

You can catch their first preview public preview performance at:

Location: 84 Long Lane basement space , London, SE1 4AU
Tickets available from:

IMGP1516 bw xtra






IMGP1556 bw

IMGP1584colour cast

All photography: © Christina Bulford Photography,  © Not Your Average Collective






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