Ja? theatre company formed in 2017 as a partnership between director Anne Mulleners and dramatrug Melissa Syversen, who met studying dramaturgy at Royal Central School of Drama the previous year.

Anne is a Dutch director and has worked as a SM and AD on several productions including Sweet Like Chocolate, Boy by Tristan Fynn Aiduenu (the Cockpit, London), Yolanda Mercy’s Quarter Life Crisis (Edinburgh Fringe, Underbelly), Troika Theatre’s Sad Girls (Edinburgh Fringe, Greenside) and as an actor in GLYPT’s Jump Out of Skin (Pleasance Theatre). This will be the first piece she directs herself.

Melissa has has worked as a freelance actress in Norway, where she is from, and trained at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. As a dramaturg, writer and translator she has contributed to Teatre de L’opprime (Theatre of the Oppressed, Paris), Mark Aspen reviews, and Brexit Stage Left (ongoing book project).

Together, they translate and adapt European texts and bring them to UK shores, in “an urge to overcome the ever-constructed dichotomy between us ‘Britain’ and them ‘Europe’”. You can support their latest work, ‘Sylvia’ through this crowd funder but be quick! https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/sylvia


Ja? Theatre
Ja? Theatre.

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