The Squirrel Plays is presented as part of Theatre 503’s Edinburgh Preview season. We’ve done a lot of talking about America this year, and under the direction of American Jessica Bickel-Barlow, Mia McCullough’s 2005 play adds a spark of sardonic fire to the fray.

A squirrel may seem small, sweet and harmless perched on the fence with its poofy tail but when one moves in, uninvited, to newlyweds Tom and Sarah’s new home Tom is not so keen. An exterminator is called but it is already too late. The damage and hysteria it has wreaked is threatening to tear not only Tom and Sarah’s matrimonial bliss to shreds, but the fragile caring façade of the neighborhood association, and the whole local community with it. If squirrels are a part of nature, is it ever ok to kill?

You may be wondering just why “Squirrel problems” might be so topical, but as the hysteria escalates, the metaphor swims to the surface. It is not just a cute, fluffy critter that the couple are weighing up “exterminating”, but something much closer to home…

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