For some unknown reason I have been having a lot of vivid dreams recently. It’s long established of course that dreams, manifestations of our unconscious or subconscious state, are directly linked to our concious selves and that though they may appear random, are actually filled with meaning and symbolism.  Today, they are a recognised form of psychoanalysis. 

I’ve been thinking maybe of using them creatively in some capacity. Not sure what yet. Some of the feelings could of course inspire poetry, although they can be hard to hold on to. A short story is another method that could work. I was also thinking perhaps of turning them into scenes, even short plays but structure of course is the part of a dream that most often makes the least sense! An image, or a fact or a section will stick, but you’ll have no idea how it relates to another you can similarly remember! It could be fun to fill in the gaps though. I for example met a friend for lunch in a dream I had recently, and he came to meet me on a huge lion. I can remember little else but watching him ride round a park on it, the rough texture of it’s mane, and the spit on my face as it roared. Could make for something fun!


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